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We Offer Cosmetic Dentistry Services for Brighter Teeth in Port Orange

Your confidence is often affected by how you feel when you leave your house each morning. There are a lot of books written about how to achieve greater confidence. One easy step that anyone can afford is to approach each day with a grin. Your great smile begins at home, but sometimes it could use a little help from the professionals. Advanced Dental Care has been providing cosmetic dentistry services to patients for more than 25 years. Have you wondered how to get a whiter smile? Would you like to fill gaps in your mouth with dental bridges? After a thorough consultation, our cosmetic dentist might use crowns, veneers, bleaching or various other methods to give you a smile you’ll love to share. As one of our Port Orange patients, you will have access to our teeth whitening and brightening services.

Enjoy a Whiter, More Confident Smile

One of the most popular methods for improving smiles is teeth whitening. Professionals will use a carefully prepared compound to oxidize the stain, effectively dismantling and removing the discoloration. It’s important to have a qualified expert provide this service. An experienced oral health professional knows how much of the compound to use for safe, healthy results. This improvement method has several benefits, including that it is:
  • Straightforward and convenient
  • Affordable
  • Permanent
  • Effective and noticeable
  • Nearly maintenance-free

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Advanced Dental Care takes pride in offering professional cleaning and whitening services to our Port Orange clientele. We’d love to discuss your goals for cosmetic improvements with you. From teeth cleaning to dentures, our office provides the general dentistry you need for a bright, healthy smile. Give us a call at 386-322-7786.