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Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleanings in Port Orange

Tooth decay can lead to bad breath, damaged tooth enamel and even serious and negative effects to your health. As you eat, bacteria and acid builds up and attacks the enamel. Bacteria in plaque weaken susceptible areas of the tooth. You can avoid most of these unpleasant circumstances through proper brushing and regular dental cleaning. When the amount of risk becomes greater than your ability to prevent decay, you need to bring in added reinforcements. During dental exams at Advanced Dental Care, you’ll reap the benefits of our teeth cleaning services. Your checkup in Port Orange may include a thorough cleaning, the use of diagnostic X-rays and dental fillings as needed. Pediatric patients typically receive sealants and a fluoride treatment as well.

Signs You May Need a Filling

When plaque isn’t removed from your teeth, the bacteria will continue to eat away at the enamel until a hole develops in the tooth. The resulting cavities could continue to grow until the decay and infection leads to a very painful situation. Modern dentistry has an answer to this situation: the tooth filling. You may have the option of choosing between amalgam and tooth-colored fillings. The white fillings often consist of a composite resin that hardens into a very strong surface. These solutions repair the damage and protect against further discomfort.

Get Started on Your Improved Oral Health

Contact Advanced Dental Care in Port Orange today to schedule an oral health care appointment. Regular exams can provide you with healthier teeth and a longer-lasting smile. Postponing your visit, on the other hand, might lead to painful tooth decay or worse. Give us the chance to support you in your quest for better oral health. We can also discuss the possibility of dental crowns. You can reach us by phone at 386-322-7786.