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Enjoy Same-Day Crowns in Port Orange

Many things can lead to tooth decay. When decay occurs, that damage can then cause tooth loss, which, in turn, can affect your ability to chew and to speak. If you lose enough teeth, it may even become noticeable in your face whether your mouth is closed or not, resulting in a loss of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Dental crowns and bridges can provide either a temporary or permanent solution. Advanced Dental Care in Port Orange offers same-day crowns for quick results. This reliable option for restoring the tooth’s health may be chosen when fillings aren’t appropriate, to repair breaks, improve discolored teeth or to provide support to other teeth. The crown is a versatile solution for a number of oral health problems.

How Bridges Benefit Your Teeth

If you have gaps, a bridge for your teeth may be an option. These devices are used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges could be either fixed for permanent solutions or removable to provide temporary solutions. The bridge fills the gaps created by missing teeth and protects against increased gum disease. Even your speech and appearance can be affected by missing teeth, and this device can improve both. A bridge is attached to the teeth on either side of the space with a false tooth affixed in between. Porcelain crowns and bridges can aid in improved oral health. We are glad to offer our clients these solutions.

Let’s Discuss What You Need Today

Whether you need a dental bridge repair or hope to discuss the possibility of dentures, Advanced Dental Care in Port Orange is prepared to provide the services you need. Contact our office and begin the steps to create smile full of health and confidence. Give us a call at 386-322-7786.